Children’s Department: Ocean Cubes

Get a set of 4 story cubes. Roll to find your hero, villain, setting, and a prop.  Build your story from these creative hints and see where your story might lead you! Location: Basement Activity Room

Will Parker Concert

Come join us for a musical journey as Will Parker, a teaching artist and children’s songwriter,  performs on our stage to the Oceans of Possibilities summer theme! Age Group: Everyone Welcome! Location: 3rd Floor Auditorium  

Storytime: Shark Binoculars

Whether exploring the Ocean or needing a little help finding clues for your treasure hunt, Come make a pair of shark binoculars and see what they might help you discover. Suggested Ages: 0-7  Location: 3rd Floor Auditorium

Storytime + Take-home Ocean Craft

Come join us for Storytime and make sure to pickup a Take-home Ocean craft afterwards! Location: 3rd Floor Auditorium

Sunken Cities (TEEN & YA)

Basement Activity Room

Myths and legends are filled with tales of cities under the ocean. Come and build one of your own! Due to limitations, we will only be able to accommodate up to 10 participants. AGES 12-18 Please call 432-332-0633 ext. 2114 for more info and to register.

Children’s Department: Painted Mermaid Rocks

Do you like the look of a mermaid’s tail? Come paint a rock to look like your favorite mermaid or add sea creatures or scenes instead of scales if you like! Let your imagination be taken by the sea!  Suggested Ages: 6-12 Location: Basement Activity Room

Story-time : Shark Feeding

Can you feed the sharks? Join us for a story and songs then see if you can feed the sharks we have waiting for you.  Age Group: 0-7 Location: 3rd Floor Auditorium and Basement Activity Room