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The Director's Desk

Spring break is back in town all this week. The library has lots of activities for the entire family, including for the kids (intended for ages 5-13). Check them out. The children’s department on the third floor anticipates up to 50 folks for most events. They just had a whopping 180 people in the Auditorium for Dr. Seuss’ birthday party a few weeks ago! According to the children’s librarian supervisor, we build it and they will come! So therefore, we are looking forward to entertaining the kiddos from Odessa this week with the following activities:  

Monday - Fairy House Craft 4:30 –6p  

Tuesday – Fairy Party 4-6p 

Wednesday – Mini-Golf 1-5p 

Thursday – Light Saber Craft 4:30-6p 

Friday – Star Wars party 4-6p 

All events are free of charge! Please join us!!  

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